Podcast: Author Readings by Leanne Dyck

Commuting to work...? Doing housework...? I would love to read to you from my collection of 66--short stories and poems.

My reason for recording my writing is two-fold. I want to entertain you--especially those, like me, who have difficulty reading. Second, looking forward to the day when I release a book, I want to practice giving author readings.

Please click the title. The link will take you to the author reading/podcast. I hope you enjoy listening...


July (1)


August (5)

(modern fable)


(A schooldays bully realizes the lasting effect he had on one of his victims)


(Women meet in a forest to enjoy their shared passion)

September (8)


(inspired by a childhood memory)

(what does it mean to be disabled?)

(inspired by a memory of my grandpa--a man I never knew)


(inspired by a Tom Paxton song
--Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound)

(about my adventures in music)


October (5)

(how two brothers gain their independence) 

(This short story was inspired by my parents.)


(Do you own your house or does it own you?)

(a ghost story)

November (6)

(What's a writer's day like...?)

(for Remembrance Day)


(short story)
(What was it like for me to be a student with dyslexia in elementary school?)


(short story)

December (4)

(How not to be when in a writing group.)


(Christmas from Mrs. Santa Claus's point of view.)

(short story)
(It's hard when long-cherished family Christmas traditions must change, but with help from family and even sometimes complete strangers new memories can be made.) 


January (4)

(humour--inspired by a Monty Phyton skit, We were so Poor)

(Inspired by my writer's journey)

(and celebrating some of my favourite poets)

(What do you do when a dream dies?)

February (5)

(inspired by Icelandic folklore)

(celebrates my love of sharing my stories with an audience and thanks all the people who have helped me on my author journey)

(How do you make children listen to you read books--you don't.)

(Reading books can make memories that will last a lifetime.)

(A short story to give hope during dark times)

March (5)

(knitting-themed humourous short story)

(Short story. What would you do to make dreams become reality?)

(in celebration of St. Patrick's day, spring, and the magic that children bring)

(a narrative poem about the journey a child takes to spread light and promise)

(If you live with your spouse long enough--you learn everything about them--right?)

April (4)

(on a small island you never who will be waiting in your car--it may even be the 
Island Storyteller)

(a poem about honouring inspiration)

(short story 
Arabella tries to get her little sister Elizabeth to listen to reason, stop her silliness, and go home)

( Do you remember giggling? Do you remember your heart soaring? Do you remember your first crush?)

May (1)

(A woman--wife and mother--discovers that she has become invisible)

June (6)

(A short story about a passionate relationship)

(This short story is intended as an anthem for women of a certain age)

(Inspired by something my grandma witnessed on a bus.)

(Something lurks in my bedroom. I'm unaware of it until... Da-da-da)

(When I started to write I wanted to share my stories with everyone but...)

(poem--to teach the name of body parts) 

September (5)

 (written in appreciation of the ones who hold me.) 

(as a student with dyslexia the elementary school classroom was a traumatic environment for me. Superheroes stepped up to help me.)

(About the relationship which develops between an avid reader and a bookseller.)

(Almost romance but it makes a sharp left turn into weird.)

(an anaphora poem about an abusive relationship) 

October (4)

(a short story about a token of enduring love)

(a mystery with a twist) 

(a short story about an author reading)

(a short story about the joys of island life when you're attached to a ball of yarn)

November (3)

(a short story about a neglected toy)

(a short story about being a good neighbour)

(Short story. Romance, love is in his heart and in his mind, but will she ever say yes?)


Practicing is very good for me. As you may know, I'm dyslexic and so reading out loud doesn't come easily to me. However, the more I practice the more I'm able to jump over this obstacle. 

I also like the idea that if reading is an obstacle for you, as well, I'm now able to make my writing more accessible.