Sunday, January 8, 2017

Basket Weaving (short story) by Leanne Dyck

I love to play with genre--romances that don't have a happy ending and... In this short story a mystery with a twist. I love twists (you may have noticed)

(photo ldyck)

Basket Weaving

"You're listening to My Island Neighbour, I'm your host Andrea Whistle." She tries to whistle and fails. "And we're speaking to... Hmm... Er..." Papers rustled. "Please introduce yourself to our listening audience.”

Name, city of residence that was what was expected, but instead...

“I'll soon be a widow.”

Dead air. Andrea cut it as quickly as possible. “Oh, your husband's off for the weekend. Is he into golf, hockey..." More papers rustled.

“No, it's worse than that.”

“Basket weaving. Ah, baskets. Why don't you tell us about the baskets you make for ch —.”

“My husband wants to get rid of me — you know, like kill. He's tried more than once. Why just the other day I was standing too close to the pool and he tried to push me in. He may have drowned me had I not kept my ground. But it's not going to be me who d —.”

More dead air. This time cut by a man's voice. “Mindy can't talk.” Click. The interview was over.

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