Sunday, April 5, 2020

Time and other Poems by Leanne Dyck

After reading Leaving Now, I asked author Arleen Pare, "You write such lovely prose. What's your secret?"

She said, "I also write poetry." And she encouraged me to try.

Yeah, right? Me? I can't...

I don't know if I will ever be comfortable calling myself a poet--but I have written some poems.

Happy Poetry Month!

To celebrate National Poetry Month, I've assembled a collection of my best poems. And if you click the titles the link will take you to the poem. Happy reading. 

Leanne Dyck's Poetry Collection

Byron did

And a new one...


I was waiting for the bus 
when he asked, "Do you have the time?"

When we're young we have all the time in the world--
storytime, playtime, snack time, nap time

We grow older and we get busy.
We no longer have time.
We must make time.

If we grow too old, we have too much time on our hands.
But we never know when our time is up.

Time, invest it wisely
for we can't stop it or turn it back.

He asked, "Do you have the time?"

He glanced at my watch. 
The sound of the approaching bus made him grin. 
"Right on time," he said.

Next Sunday Evening...

Be Gentle (short story)
 Leanne Dyck

How do you express strength?

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Sharing my author journey...

'Abby offering a kiss to her friend Reba'
photo by ldyck

An extra poem...

Saturday, April 4, I was out on a walk with my dog friends--my dog Abby and her friend Reba--when this flew into my ear...

If we cross this street
We'll get an extra treat

So don't retreat
Let's cross this street

Here's an interesting article:  Can Dogs Have Best Friends?

At this stressful time, I'm thankful for friends (on four legs and two) and my writing--which fills my mind with something beyond worry.