On this page, I share the knitting patterns I designed, knitting-themed short stories I wrote, and my interviews with knitwear designers. This isn't all my knitting "stuff", but I thought I'd start with the most popular first. Enjoy!

Knitting Patterns (accessories)

Islandia Hood

Inspired by a hood that was high fashion in Iceland during the 1300s.


These socks make an ideal first knitting project.

Queen Anne's Lace Scarf

Featuring easy lace.

Guna Hood

Do you know how to make I-cord? If so this pattern will be a breeze to work.

Book Sweater

An ideal gift for the booklover in your life. An ideal first knitting project.


I love this purse. It holds its shape and is light and easy to pack. 


This cute sweater is easily knit by most with basic knitting skills. 

Stories about Knitting 

Shared Passion

A short story about a group of women who meet in the woods to engage in their shared passion.

Have You Made A Warm Fuzzy?

You do good for the sake of being good--not because it will earn you some kind of reward. Or do you act out of selfishness? And if you act without any thought to self-gain, do you still receive a reward?

Icelandic Knitting Voyage

In 2007, I traveled to Iceland and learned a lot about the knitting done on that island. 

The story behind the design:  book sweater

The book sweater is one of my earliest designs. Why did I design that pattern? What problem did it solve?

The Lure of Yarn

Do you enjoy knitting or are you addicted? Did someone teach you to knit or did they get you hooked?

Interviews with Knitwear Designers 

Sarah Barbour

Donna Druchunas

Kate Atherley

Rosemary Hill

Holi Yeoh

Stephannie Tallent

My journey in knitwear design

I was a knitwear designer from 2002 to 2010. My career ended when I began experiencing severe pain in my wrist--caused by excessive knitting. I went to my doctor and my doctor sent me to a specialist. The specialist suggested I take a year-long break from knitting. I still knit (occasionally) but no longer to excess.