Sunday, September 23, 2018

In Icelandic (short story) by Leanne Dyck

This short story was inspired by something my Icelandic-Canadian grandma saw on a bus.

photo by ldyck

In Icelandic

The elderly women were already on the bus when the young man climbed on. The minute he sat down they started talking--in Icelandic.

"He's so handsome," said one of the women. 

"Yes," the other agreed. "I wonder if he's married."

Her friend nudged her arm. "Oh, go on. You're much too old."

"Not for me--for my granddaughter. But if I were forty years younger."

They shared a giggle.

The subject of their attention pulled the cord requesting the bus driver to stop. The young man offered them a smile as he passed their bench. "Have a good day, ladies," he said--in Icelandic.

Next Post:  Books with pictures aren't just for children. On Sunday, September 30, I share my favourite illustrated books for adults. 

photo by ldyck

Sharing my author journey...

You:  It's summer's end, Leanne. How did you do with your spring and summer projects?
Me:  Well...

truth be told, I was still working on the last manuscript as summer fell into autumn. 

An entire summer's worth of work...

9 picture books for children
4 short novels for adults
4 short story collections for adults

fit into one plastic folder. This folder will be given--along with my appreciation--to my beta reader.

Oh, yes and my spring project of sorting through my computer files...? That's a never-ending challenge. I'm currently on 'P'. Hopefully, I'll reach 'Z' before my computer dies. Wish me luck.