Sunday, August 5, 2018

My Writer's Desk (short story) by Leanne Dyck

So what's a writer's day like? Maybe, like this...

'writing' (circa late 2000s) photo by my husband

My Writer's Desk

All night long something had been percolating in my brain as I slept. I wake with a nagging feeling of unease. Something needs doing, but I have no idea what. My strategy, keep busy. I dust, sweep the floor, vacuum, clean the bathroom--hoping that whatever it is will find me.

"Are we expecting company?" My husband has caught me scrubbing the fridge.

"The house just needs a good going over." I dunk a cloth into a bucket of soapy water.

"I'll say." He chuckles.

I shrug. "I've never been domesticated."

No pen. No paper. Wet hands. That's when my muse finds me. And I know from experience that she won't wait for me--maybe she works with a long line of writers. I immediately stop cleaning and dry my hands on the tee I'm wearing.

My desk is piled high with books and papers and all the pens are buried. I turn on my computer and my email inbox says, "Yoo-hoo, Leanne." I go there first. Then Facebook, Twitter... These days writers can't just write. If you want to interest potential readers or keep existing ones, you have to have an online presence. 

My muse is stomping her foot. "Well, this is boring. I'm going to--"

"No, don't leave." I get out of the social media trap. "I'll--"

I hear a thud in the kitchen. "Why'd you leave this bucket here?" My husband sounds ticked.

"Sorry, I'll--"

My muse, "Leanne?"

"Yes, I--" I sweep my arm across my desk--barely missing my computer--and uncover a pen. I grab the first thing I can find to write on--the first blank page in the paperback I'm reading. "Shot," I tell my muse.

"Finally," she says and a story is born.


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Next Post:  A couple of months ago, in June, Author Susin Nielsen came to Mayne Island. She conducted a writers' workshop and gave an author talk. And I knew I had to introduce you to her. I'm delighted to tell you that she accept my invitation. And so next Sunday I will publish my interview with Author Susin Nielsen. 

'a knitwear designer (in the raw) writing' (circa early 2000s)-captured by my husband

Sharing my author journey...
I've been sitting at my writing desk for many years. I fell in love with writing in my teens and in 2010 I decided to make it my
career. Eight years ago. I've been sitting here for ten years. Why is this career taking so long to establish? In my darkest hours, this question weighs heavy. Last spring I started going through my old writing--including computer files. Among this writing, I found letters to publishers. And I began to understand why it has taken me so long. Wow, what a steep learning curve. 
Happy writing!