Sunday, February 14, 2021

Her First Crush (poem) by Leanne Dyck

 Do you remember giggling? Do you remember your heart soaring? Do you remember your first crush?

The Crush

She meets with other girls to speak his name,
to giggle, 
to share their dreams of him.

Seeing him in the schoolyard,
in the classroom
makes her heart race

If he smiles at her
If he says, hi
Her heart dances
It hops
It skips
It flies out her mouth
spins around three-times in mid-air
until it lands back in her throat to rest in her chest

At home
her lips against her palm
she practices kissing him

She falls asleep
 arms wrapped around
what others see as a pillow
but what she imagines is his chest

In her dreams
they are alone 

He fills her thoughts
enlivens her dreams
for a week
a month
a year
until another boy captures her eye

Wednesday, February 17

Virtual Author Reading

to celebrate

I Read Canadian Day

Storytime (short story)

by Leanne Dyck


A Bedtime Story (short story)

by Leanne Dyck

Sunday, February 21

Book Review

The Parkour Club

by Pam Withers and Arooj Hayat

photo by ldyck

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Sharing my Author Journey...

'selfie' photo by ldyck

A friend has dubbed Mayne Island's barely there snowflakes "snowflickers". Wanting this word to catch on, I've been working it

into sentences. Here's one... A couple of days ago, I watched two snowflickers aimlessly sail the air currents. They seemed in no hurry to reach the ground.

On Facebook, I've been enjoying a friend's photos of her Manitoba winter. Tons of snow has an unmistakable beauty when seen without experiencing severe cold. 

Comparing and contrasting these two types of snow, I was inspired to write... 

One Manitoban snowflake to his millions of cousins, "I'll race you to the ground. Wee-e-e!"

One BC snowflicker to her sister, "Go if you want, but I'm going to hang out here for a while. I've heard it hurts when you hit the ground."

But I guess the joke was on me because look what arrived early Saturday morning.

"Abby in the snow" photo by ldyck

So I guess snowflickers can grow up to be snowflakes and that--when they do--they can acquire as many relations as Manitoba snowflakes. 

"Me in the snow" photo by ldyck