Sunday, March 31, 2019

Let the Sunshine in (narrative poem) by Leanne Dyck

A narrative poem about a journey a child takes to spread light and promise.

'February 2019 on Mayne Island' phtoto by ldyck

Let the Sunshine in

Down a path, hidden by snow
crunch, crunch, crunch
yellow rain boots with smiley faces on the toes

At the edge of the forest,
veiled in mist,
on a snow-capped roof
a chimney breathes smoke
A witch's cottage?

Unafraid, the child ventures ever closer
Her knuckles reach for the door
knock, knock, knock
Sunshine spreads 
from the spot where the knuckles touched
to illuminate the door.
The child enters--
gloom gives way to sunshine.
Listening, the child hears 
click, click, click
"Hi, Grandma."

In the living room,
an elderly woman abandons her knitting needles
and follows the ball of light,
the child
out to the reawakening world
Boots skip over snow,
now mud, 
now grass,
now flowers

'March 2019 on Mayne Island' photo by ldyck

Much thanks to my beta reader for helping me with this poem.

photo by ldyck

April on this blog...

It's raining
it's pouring,
lots and lots of stories 
(Don't worry they're short)

Sunday, April 7
Your Favourite Stories:  a list to start the month. I've been publishing short stories on this blog since 2010. I hunted through all the old blog posts and found the most popular (those that earned the most page views) stories. I'll publish this collection on this blog on Sunday, April 7th.

Sunday, April 14 and 21
Book Reviews:  Short story collections by Margaret Atwood (Bluebeard's Egg) and Lisa Moore (Something for Everyone). 

Sunday, April 28
short story ???

'Abby's agility work' photo by bdyck

Sharing my author journey...

"My latest trick"

I've been literary agent hunting and I figured out something cool.

I want to throw a large net. So need names--lots and lots of names. I found (and used) some helpful pre-made lists. But wanted an even net.

What to do?


1) Go to Tweeter
2)Find publishing houses you want to publish your book
3)Go to their Tweeter pages.
4)Search through their lists of people they follow
5)Find the literary agents
6)Research each agent to make sure they're your best fit
7)Carefully craft your submission package
8)Cross your fingers and press send