Sunday, March 10, 2019

Authors in a Pub (short story) by Leanne Dyck

This short story was inspired by a Monty Python sketch--We were so Poor. I started writing it early--way too early--on January 28th. Days, weeks, months, I slaved away writing and re-writing. (well, for at least a day) I hope you enjoy it.

photo of the author by T Welch

Authors in a Pub

Three mid-list authors sit on the deck, in the sun, at their local pub sipping beer and talking about writing.

The first author takes a sip. "They are so naive. They think all they have to do is put their bums in their chairs at the same time each day and the words will magically drop out of the heavens. What they fail to understand is that writing is work. I have to pace the floor day after day, toss and turn night after night to write the first chapter."

The second author takes two sips. "You get to walk? I have to sit in a comatose state--without food, without sleep. The only thing that moves is my pen over reams upon reams of paper. Most of those pages are only fit for the recycling bin. And after endless days of this, I'm lucky if I get a paragraph."

The third takes three sips. "Paradise. Par-a-dise. You get to live. I have to puncture a vein and drain my body. When I'm dead my ghost uses my blood to write the first word of what I hope will be a story."

The first author finishes his pint and sets the mug on the table with a thud. "Try to tell them that and they won't believe you. Whoever is spreading those lies that writing is easy and fun should be shot. It's hard."

"Damn hard," they all agree.

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