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Visiting Iceland (travel adventure short story) by Leanne Dyck

photo by ldyck

This short story is about lovers from two different worlds

Visiting Iceland

It's hard for me to tell you about my time in Iceland. It's too enormous, to sum up. But I'll say this--I've never felt so loved. Einar is so handsome. The first time we made love I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. He could have had any woman he wanted, but he chose me.

Despite his many charms, life with him was less than idyllic.

"Where's the closest mall? I need to go shopping."

"To spend money. To acquire things. There's more to life."

I loved to hear his voice--that accent. But what he said...? Well... 

"Shopping is part of life. You need things to live."

He laughed and swept his hand around, prompting me to consider the surroundings. "What is missing?"

I could have made a list but it would have taken me too long. 

"What we need we make. My farm provides."

I'm born to shop so I wasn't going to let him stop me from having fun. If I couldn't go in person, I'd go online. All I needed was a computer. Einar let me use his, but... I can't talk Icelandic. So forget reading it.

Sometimes he'd leave me alone on his farm--leaving in the middle of the night. And when I asked where he'd gone, he just said, "Out-- righting wrongs."

Maybe sensing that I was lonely, Einar invited friends over. They sat around the table eating stinking hard fish with pounds of butter and quarts of brennivin. Using as much English as they had, they told me the ancient stories. After I learned about the Huldufolk, Katla waited until we were alone in the kitchen. "Einar is a Huldufolk. He seduced you. Brought you here. But you don't belong in his world. He's a protector; you're a user. Go home."

Was she jealous or crazy or...right?

I flew back to Canada. 

Recorded Visiting Iceland and Shared Passion this week.

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