Sunday, November 17, 2019

The Island Storyteller on Stage (short story) by Leanne Dyck

This short story celebrates my love for reading my writing to an audience--and thanks all the people who have supported my author journey, people like you.

photo by ldyck

The Island Storyteller on Stage

This chair is supposed to be padded but it sure doesn't feel like it. I wiggle around trying to get comfortable. Annie Frannie Beau Dannie is a popular singer on Mayne Island so the Agricultural Society Hall is packed. It's really hard to see over all the heads. On stage, she sings, "country roads" and ends that song. She begins a long slow introduction into her next. Boring! But I have a story that I know will entertain. Unfortunately, try as I might, my voice isn't strong enough to reach the entire audience. 

"Leanne." "Leanne," the chant begins. Everyone wants to hear my story.

They mumble other things that sound like sh-hh or be quiet or... But I must be hearing them wrong or they're talking to their neighbours. 

"Leanne, would you like to come up here?" Annie asks.

Give the audience what they want, they always say. So I squeeze past the legs.

Some people wave at me as I pass.

I reach Annie and she sweeps her hand at the microphone. "Be my guest."

Two hearty breaths into the microphone and I even have the soundman's attention.

"Like I was saying," I tell the audience, "being in the Ag Hall always reminds me of MILT--Mayne Island Little Theatre. This is where they stage all their theatrical performances.

"In 2014, MILT presented me with a dreamed-of opportunity when they held a playwriting contest. My pen poured words onto the page and soon my short play was finished. I was blown away when MILT selected my play to be staged. But I needed a director... actors... Georgia Johnson stepped forward and became a director. She interpreted the play for the stage. Mary Crumblehulme, Deb Foote and Mike Nadeau said yes and became actors. They breathed life into the characters. All of us working together gave our play a happy ending. I'm truly thankful they decided to take that amazing journey with me." I smile to myself, "So when Hollywood comes knocking at my door, I'll remember that MILT said yes first."

The hall erupts with applause. 

My admiring audience.

I look across the stage and notice that Annie has joined me.

"Leanne, are you done?" she asks.

Rude! But all I tell her is, "Almost." To the audience, I say, "I came to Mayne Island directionless and in need of healing. The beauty that surrounded me and the friendship that I was given helped to heal me. The support I've received from islanders such as Eleanor Cocker, Su Everet, Terrill Welch, Pam Withers, David Burrowes, Amber Harvey and especially my husband Byron. And... and... so many others. It took an island.

"How about if I put it like this... Everyone who read or listened to one of my stories--that includes all of you--you helped give my life direction. For this, I remain forever grateful."

That said I return to my chair.


On Stage with the Island Storyteller is the second story I've written about

the Island Storyteller. Here's a link to the first story-- Part one and Part two

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