Sunday, January 10, 2021

Writing Stories (short story) by Leanne Dyck

Something lurks in my bedroom. I'm unaware of it until... Da-da-da

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Writing Stories

I was reading in my bedroom the first time I heard it. I thought I was alone but...

"Hello." I leaped in the air, about a foot off my bed. There was no one there--that I could see.

"Hello?" The voice wasn't coming from the kitchen or living room or any other part of the house. It was close. The voice was in my bedroom with me.

"It's just my imagination," I told myself and returned to my book.


I felt silly, but I asked, "Is someone...something... Are you here?"

"Of course, I'm here. This is my home."

I hid behind my pillow. "Are you...?" I gulped. "Are you a...a...? Are you a ghost?"

"No, silly." It giggled. "I'm alive."

That giggling comforted me. "Where are you?"

"Look in the top drawer of your desk."

"The top drawer of my desk?" Now I knew my brother was playing a trick on me. I knew what was in that drawer--a walkie-talkie or a tape recorder or a cell phone or a...

I opened the drawer. All I saw was a pen.

"Where are you?" I asked. "I can't see you."

"Yes, you can, silly." It giggled. "My name is Pen. Pick me up. I have amazing stories to tell you. You're a writer."

"Me? I'm not..."

"Oh, yes, you are."

And that's how it happened. That's how I began to write stories.

Wednesday, January 13

Virtual Author Reading

This short story was inspired by my writing journey.

(by popular demand. Thank you for your input. This is fun.)

Sunday, January 17
Book Review

West Meadows Detectives
The Case of the Berry Burglars
written by Liam O'Donnell
illustrated by Aurelie Grand

a first chapter book

Are you following me?

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Sharing my author journey...

Current Manuscript
Word Count:  24,633 words
Goal:  40,000+

We're on the home stretch now

This week as I worked on my manuscript, my muse softly whispered, "Remember, Leanne, 

think about cause and effect. If a character changes her behaviour, think about what made her change. Think about before and after the change."