Sunday, December 20, 2020

Ice Angel (short story) by Leanne Dyck

A short story of hope in times of darkness.

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Ice Angel

Tears trickled down my cheeks. The cold air froze my damp skin, and it hurt like knives. Words had been said that I couldn't take back--and neither could he. I walked on in the only direction I could--away. The snow crushed under my boots as I grew closer to the lights surrounding the outdoor rink.

I'd left all I knew behind to follow him to this province where I didn't know anyone and barely understood the language. And now... And now...

You aren't alone. You are my precious child. I love you; I always have; I always will. When you need me, I will always be here for you. The voice was coming from inside of me--deep inside, near my heart. I have a plan for everything, for everyone. I have a plan for you. You can't see the "whys" or the "whats" or the "wheres", but there is such beauty and much joy there. Just believe. Dark times will come, but I will carry you through them. I will. For you are my precious child

I wanted so badly to believe the words, but with my whole life in pieces, I wondered how I could. 

Boots replaced by skates, I walked through the snow to the ice. Two skates on the ice, I pushed myself forward and fell hard onto my knees. I didn't belong there. All I wanted to do was leave but... 

Something floated over the ice. She sparkled. Was she an angel? She spun and leapt. Was she a ballerina? She could have been my little sister. All I wanted to do was watch her but she skated over to me. She said something in French and stretched out her hands to me.

I shook my head. "Non."

But she was determined. And she gave me such a sweet smile that I knew I had to try. So I held her hands and she slowly skated backward, pulling me along. I couldn't believe it, I was skating. Sailing over the ice. Capturing sunlight on that dark night.

"Sylvie," a woman's voice called from somewhere beyond the snowbanks.

"Ici, Mamma," Sylvie replied.

The moment was over and I knew I had to leave. "Merci." I waved good-bye to Sylvie, scrambled to the snow, tore off my skates, and walked out of the ring of lights before Sylvie's mom could see me. 

But the memory of that magical moment remained with me, buoyed me up. The joy I felt skating with Sylvie gave me hope that tomorrow could be a brighter day.

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Facing the challenges of 2020, many turned to the Internet for solutions. This presented unique opportunities for many--including me. Log on next Sunday and I'll tell you more about my year.

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Office Party (short story)
by Leanne Dyck

I hope you like it.

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Sharing my author journey...

I watched a helpful podcast on editing this week...

While working on my manuscript, I've found it helpful to ask myself--how does (character) know this?

Because I know everything that's going on in the story, I sometimes unfairly credit (characters--especially my protagonist) with the knowledge that she hasn't earned. Asking how does the (character) know this makes me pay closer attention to what's going on in the story. And it leads me to ask other helpful questions... Who was in that scene? Who talked with who? 

I'm learning to make my characters earn the information they collect--for the sake of the story.

word count: 21, 355 words
goal:  40,000+ words

This means I've reached the middle. 😅

Knowing that I had to be accountable for my word count each Sunday has kept me writing. And thank you for that. And because it's been such an effective strategy I plan to continue reporting-in in 2021.