Sunday, October 17, 2021

Dream (short story, romance) by Leanne Dyck

Romance, love is his heart and in his mind, but will she ever say yes?

photo by ldyck

He kept the ring in his breast pocket, close to his heart. Each evening he devotedly polished it. With every stroke, his image of their life together deepened in detail. He saw her in her wedding gown, glowing in splendour like a swan. Their big day forever to cherish. His ring on her finger. They would stand side by side through all life's triumphs and tribulations.

Memories, dreams, hopes, all made richer because they were shared by two.

Sheltering the ring in his pocket, he steeled himself. Today--today would be the day.

Each morning, for thirty years, when he opened the door to the diner, the first face he saw was hers.

"Order, please?" she'd ask, in her candy apple sweet voice. Then she would grin. It was the smile that did it. He had built a lifetime on that smile. 

His heart would race; his brow sweat. Quick, what was he going to say? Ashes...ashes...And just like that, his dream died. To be born anew in twilight.

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