Sunday, January 27, 2019

Island Artist by Leanne Dyck (short story) (humour)

A humourous look at island life--and a cautionary note to respect an artist's privacy.

photo by ldyck

With its breathtaking beauty and remote location, Plumper Island is an incubator for creative talent. Many artists live here. In fact, it was an interest in visiting one that first drew me to this island.

My inquires regarding that artist garnered an odd response. "Her? Why would you want to visit her?"

"I'm a fan and, being an amateur painter, I thought maybe..."

"She relishes her solitude."


"And snarls threats at any person who dares trespass on her land or even, for that matter, down the road that leads to her property. She has a guard dog that shares her temperament and a loaded shotgun that she enjoys using."

"She sounds--."


"Like a character."

"That she is. That she is. Rumour has it that she worships her goddess--Gia--in her own unique way. Her deflated-air-bag-breasts flop as her plate-of-jelly-stomach wobbles as her thick-as-tree-trunk-legs stomp as she howls--Awwrr!!--at the full moon."

Needless to say, I never completed my search for that famous artist. But there are other islanders equally as talented and far more hospitable. I highly recommend visiting their studios.


February on this blog

will be full of fun
I've got a new list for you. This one is full of literary retreats from around the world. Then I'll share two of the good books I just finished reading--The Pink Steering Wheel Chronicles and Saturday Night Ghost Club. I'll top of the month with a short story freely written--Answering Machine. Looking forward to spending February with you.


Sharing my author journey...

Oops, I almost forgot this being the last post of the month I'm

suppose to tell you what I've been up to.
Well, I just got a new-to-me computer and we have decided to become friends. It's hard to say good-bye to the old guy. That computer took me from knitwear designer who writes to writer who occasionally cast-ons. is about changes.

In other news, after a slow start--in which I feed my muse a lot of good books--I'm back revising and writing. 

Life is good. : )