Sunday, April 26, 2020

22 Poetry Book Publishers by Leanne Dyck

I scoured the Literary Press Group of Canada list of member publishers to find those publishers who publish poetry books. Good news:  I found 22. I'll write that number again twenty-two. So, my dear brave reader, search this list for your best fit and then send them your poetry collection. Some of these publishers only accept submissions from Canadians. Others are open to a wider population of poets. Carefully read the submission guidelines.

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Click on the publisher's name and the link will take you to their submission guidelines page.

At Bay Press


Book Hug Press

BookLand Press

Breakwater Books

Caitlin Press

Coach House Books

ECW Press

Icehouse Poetry
poetry imprint of Goose Lane Editions

Guernica Editions
Accepts manuscript from January 1 to April 30

Inanna Publications
independent feminist press

Mansfield Press

Mawenzi House

NeWest Press

Nightwood Editions

Palimpsest Press
accepts submission January to March

Pedlar Press

Radiant Press

Ronsdale Press

The Porcupines Quill
Once on the page, stroll down to find the submission guidelines

The Muses' Company
poetry imprint of J. Gordon Shillingford Publish

Turnstone Press


But at the time of cvoid 19, is it the right time to be submitting? Here's an interesting article that addresses this concern...

Though this article was written with agents in mind, I think it is pertinent for us self-represented authors, as well.

On this blog in May...

photo by ldyck

May is short story month and so...

I will publish two book reviews

May 3
Oh, My Darling
Shaena Lambert
a short story collection

May 31
Ethan Frome
Edith Wharton
a novella

I will share two short stories

May 10 (Mother's Day)
For Mom
two short stories inspired by my mom

May 24
This short story was inspired by cvoid 19. Writing is one of the ways I deal with stress. 


on May 17 something very special
Short Stories:  A Writer's Toolbox
I've filled this toolbox with articles to make writing and publishing short stories easier.

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