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Book Review: Dual Citizens by Alix Ohlin Scotiabank Giller shortlisted book 2019

Does Lark's sister Robin inspire her or hamper her development?

Because their mother Marianne can't be tamed by motherhood, Lark must mother her sister. Because Robin is the captivating star, Lark is left in the shadows--the silent observer. Because Robin is wild, Lark is tame. The two sisters are forever linked--dual citizens in the world.
'If you juxtapose two matter how different, the viewer will make meaning from the montage. The second image in the sequence will alter the meaning of the first... My sister next to me changed how I thought of myself.' (p. 260)
'the world found my sister as exceptional as I did, and myself as ordinary' (p. 83)

Published by House of Anansi
Published in 2019
Scotiabank Giller prize finalist 

When I work-shopped my young adult novel, I was told to begin with the most compelling scene--it pulls the reader in. Dual Citizens begins this way and did pull me in. Like assembling a jigsaw puzzle, I read carefully waiting to slip the scene into where it fit in the story.

Except for the opening scene, Dual Citizens unfolds in chronological order beginning with Lark's birth to a Canadian mother and an American father. Lark narrates her life with Robin. Through school, through boyfriends, through finding their place in the world the sisters'--at times strained--relationship continues.

The book concludes with an epilogue. I'm a big fan of this additional chapter. It's like getting a peek into the characters lives after the story ends.

Book Review:  Inside by Alix Ohlin

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