Sunday, July 4, 2021

Happy 4th From Your Canadian Cousin (list) by Leanne Dyck

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Cross-legged on the carpet, elbows on knees, chin cupped in hands, two feet away from the screen, I was mesmerized. Get Smart. Bewitched. I Dream of Jeannie. Green Acres. The Beverly Hillbillies. Most of the TV shows I watched were from the USA. Watching the product of someone else's imagination encouraged me to continue to play with mine. 

When I started writing hand-knitting patterns, it was knitters from the United States who were the most supportive. I sent them patterns and they sent me emails that read, I love your pattern!

In appreciation and to celebrate Independence Day, I've collected short stories that I've written and that were inspired by the United States.


What's Bluegrass?

Marketing 101

Discovering Land

photo by ldyck

photo by ldyck

Next on this Blog
I'd like to spend the summer with you. And I have the perfect beach read.
I've shared the three-part version of Feeling Groovy.

This summer I'll treat you to the extended version--starting next Sunday, July 11. Seeking clarity, I've renamed the extended version The Other Side. I'll publish installments twice a week--Sunday and Wednesday at 4:40 PM PST. 

The Other Side
14 installments
inspired by a house my husband and I lived in on BC's Mainland, our move to a remote island, and my love of the 1960s.

My only question is, "Are you ready for the summer?"

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Sharing my Author Journey...

Working on my current projects has required me to read much of my old writing and it's helped me realize something that I'd like to share with you...

Over the years, I've spent too much time worrying about and even being annoyed at the wrong people.
Why didn't that publisher say yes? Why didn't they help me break into the publishing industry? What's wrong with them?

Revising my old writing has helped me realize that I need to mature as a writer to obtain the success I carve. I need to learn how to craft a well-written story for it to gain acceptance.

It's tempting to blame others when I feel frustrated, but my author's journey is about my progress.