Sunday, September 4, 2016

Feeling Groovy 1 of 3 (short story) by Leanne Dyck

Feeling Groovy is magic realism (also called magical realism or magical realist fiction)

Magic realism:  takes place in a world that resembles our own, except for the introduction of a magical element, which cannot be explained by the conventions of our reality.

(From the article literary terms:  magical realism, science fiction and fantasy

"feeling groovy" at the Mayne Island Fall Fair
photo by Leanne Dyck

Feeling Groovy

I work in the complaints department of a major telephone company. It had been an especially stressful day -- one irate customer after another. And I knew they didn't want excuses, they wanted someone to take blame.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry." It was a song I sang daily, but never more frequently than today. Even though my shift was over and I was at home, my body still trembled, my head still throbbed. I poured myself a glass of red wine and tried to relax with a paperback on the sofa in my living room. Before I could take a sip I heard something. The sound increased in volume as I descended the stairs to the laundry room. I pressed my ear against the cold, concrete wall. A guitar strummed. A cowbell ran out. Voices were singing. Hey, I know that song. That's Simon and Garfunkel's Feeling Groovy.

All of a sudden there was an odour, like a million flowers had been shoved up my nose.

A silver fog drifted up from the floor. Fog or smoke? And where there's smoke, there's...


But there was no fire.

The fog turned sky blue, then spring green, then bright orange, then purple. It drifted up to the ceiling and then slowly began to clear. Blinding rays of sunlight poured out of the hole, where the wall had been. When my eyes adjusted to the bright light I saw a green meadow. A green meadow in the wall of my laundry room? How can... It can't. I need my eyes checked or my head read.

"Mara." Some one was calling my name.

I strained my eyes to the very edge of the meadow. A purple cow was munching strawberry red grass. I rubbed my eyes.

A bunny wearing a top hat hopped down the oatmeal cookie path. "Mara," he called. He stopped right in front of me and looked up. "Come on, Mara. We've been waiting for you." He wrapped his paw around my pinkie finger. Something about his touch eased my worry.

Hand-in-hand, the bunny and I skipped up the path. I saw lollipop trees and candy floss clouds. Birds sang the familiar words, "Feeling groovy." (click on this link to hear the song performed by Simon and Garfunkel)

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"Feeling Groovy" is one of the stories in the Figure in the Mist anthology (ATLA publishing)
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photo by Leanne Dyck

Picture Books in Canada

at the University of British Columbia

photo by Leanne Dyck

Sharing my author journey...

It's still summer (officially until September 22nd) but I've already started thinking about what I'd like to achieve this fall.

-finish revising my picture books (I have one left)
-finish working on a short story collection for adults and prepare the submission package
-after receiving my YA novel from my first reader, work on revisions and then send the novel to publishing houses

While keeping my eyes and ears open for unexpected opportunities