Sunday, June 27, 2021

Book Review by Benni Chisholm: Lost Immunity by Daniel Kalla


Author – Daniel Kalla

Publisher – Simon Schuster Canada edition

Copyright – 2021

Pages – 328

Daniel Kalla is an emergency doctor in a Vancouver hospital. His extensive vaccine research, his expert knowledge of illnesses and medical procedures, and his talented writing skill make Lost Immunity an informative, page-turning thriller.

The story's main protagonist is epidemiologist, Lisa Dryer, Chief Public Health Officer in Seattle. The antagonist is a severe strain of the meningococcal bacteria that attacks teenagers frequently with fatal results. Lisa, with the help of many capable people, tries to contain the nightmarish bacteria as it spreads amongst Seattle's youth. Thankfully a new vaccine works wonders--until frightening side effects occur. 

Is the vaccine faulty or is someone sabotaging it? Read and find out.

Benni Chisholm