Sunday, December 27, 2020

2020: My List of Accomplishments by Leanne Dyck

So much about 2020 sucked but still, as I look back on the year, I'm smiling. Here's why...

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Virtual Author Readings

Last July, I was invited--by a company called Allears--to record my short stories for my blog. It was a generous offer but I was reluctant to accept. I'm dyslexic and so doing recordings of me reading... I'm not computer savvy and so learning to do something new on my computer... 

But I'm so glad that I did try because I've been having so much fun, challenging myself, and learning a lot.

So far, your most favourite reading has been...

A Stone Heart

The complete (so far) list of my virtual author readings.


Ever since I heard about The Fold Festival I've wanted to attend, but it's held in Brampton, Ontario--and I'm all the way over here on the west coast. So I... 

But in 2020--like many literary events--The Fold was held online. (Very good news for me!) I was especially interested in participating in a pitch session. For a fee of thirty dollars, participating authors sent excerpts from their manuscripts in hopes of--if selected--having their words read by either a literary agent or book publisher. 

You did read that I wasn't computer savvy, right? Well... I had some trouble completing the application form. Fortunately, thanks to the help I received from one of the members of The Fold team (much thanks to you, Ardo) my application was accepted.

On August 26, Fold sent me an email of congratulations--I had been chosen to participate. Well, I was over the moon.  Even better news, the fee of thirty dollars had been waived. 

I waited to be contacted by an agent or a publisher. 

On September 1, I was sent an email from one of the biggest publishing houses. I was blown away--and, of course, nervous. But it does help to know that a publisher has liked your work enough to want to speak with you about it. 

The publisher was warm and helpful. She gave me tons of notes regarding my manuscript. As it turns out, the manuscript I sent her was too short but... I mentioned another manuscript that I was thinking of starting to write and she expressed an interest in reading it.  That's the manuscript I've been working on ever since. 


At 10:59 a.m. on Sunday, September 13, 2020, this blog received its 500,000-page view. 

Thank you for your continued support. Without you, these words would simply be sent into the atmosphere. A story isn't a story without a reader to read it.

And regarding next year, I have big plans...

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2021 on this blog...

The most popular short story I shared in 2020 was...


by Leanne Dyck

A tale of how two brothers gained independence.

And your most favourite from the stories I shared about my life...

From Mom (2 stories)

In 2021, I'll share more stories with you. Some will be longer. Others will be... Well, why ruin the surprise.

The most popular book review in 2020 was...

Crow Winter

by Karen McBride

In 2021, an extra special treat:  Karen McBride will be a guest on this blog. 

I'll continue to review books in 2021--and as I'm currently writing a manuscript for children you can expect to find books for children reviewed on this blog. I'll also continue to review books for adults as well. 

I look forward to spending another year with you.

January on this blog...

Sunday, January 3 
Guest Post Karen McBride
author of Crow Winter

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(short story) Writing Stories
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How did you start to write? How did you find your pen?

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Virtual Author Reading:  Writing Stories
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Book Review: West Meadows Detectives
The Case of the Berry Burglars
written by Liam O'Donnell 
illustrated by Aurelie Grand
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Virtual Author Reading:  Byron Did
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Sunday, January 24
(short story) A Confession
by Leanne Dyck
If you live with your spouse long enough you'll learn everything about them--right?

Wednesday, January 27
Virtual Author Reading:  A Confession
read by Leanne Dyck

Sunday, January 31
Book Review:  Red Fox Road
by Frances Greenslade
A middle grade wilderness adventure 

Writing in 2021...

My goals:  hatch, patch, and dispatch

Translation:  hatch (finish writing that manuscript. The one I mentioned earlier in this article), patch (rewrite a manuscript--which includes changing the genre), dispatch (I gave my first reader a manuscript a couple of months ago. After revisions are complete, I'll submit it to publishing houses.)