Sunday, December 6, 2020

The End (short story) by Leanne Dyck

Many things can go wrong with a manuscript. It's a miracle really when you reach the end.

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The End

She holds a stack of paper--the collection of a year's worth of work. "Would you like to read it?"

I remember hearing the clicking of keys, all those late nights, I can't say no.

She hands me her manuscript and just stands there waiting.

"I will," I tell her, "just not right now and not in front of you."

She gives me an understanding smile.

I do find the time. I flip the title page over and begin--. But...?Flipping through the stack of paper all I find are two words repeating and repeating--The End.

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December 13
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The Mystery of Black Hollow Lane
Julia Nobel
is a mystery for readers of middle grade ficion

The mystery is like a frayed thread the more she pulls on it the longer it gets. 

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Wednesday, December 9
Virtual Author Reading
by Leanne Dyck

Christmas from Mrs. Clause's point-of-view

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Sharing my author journey...

Have you heard? Audible has made a collection of audiobooks free to enjoy. 


included my review of MASH in their collection of articles--and included a link to this blog. 

word count: 17,629 words
goal:  40,000+

I love to (just a second, my husband is telling me something)...
Where was I? Oh yes, I enjoy wr-- (sorry, I'll be right back, my dog needs to go for a walk)... 

What I was trying to say is that writing fills me, writing fulfills me and I wish I could-- (now it's time to start making supper...)

Sometimes I dream of building a cabin on a high mountain and... Just me and my computer, pens, and paper--forever. Heaven. 


Anne R Allen wrote an article for her blog that really made me thankful for all of my life's interruptions.