Sunday, December 5, 2010

How do you differentiate between art and craft? by Leanne Dyck

-How do you define art?
-How do you define craft?
-In your eyes, does one have more value than the other?
-How does society view art?
-How does society view craft?
-Is there art in craft, craft in art? If not, why not? Please explain.

Craft: I grew up in rural Manitoba. There, crafters surrounded me. In my grandma's home braided rugs lay at the front door and a crocheted afghan covered the sofa. My aunts sewed their children's clothes. My mom knit mittens, scarves and sweaters. When I was old enough I joined 4-H and was schooled in handicrafts.

Art: As a child, I never saw adults painting pictures or modeling with clay. These were activities for children in kindergarten.
In 1999 I moved to an island off Canada's west coast. Here, visual artists, musicians and wordsmiths fill my life. In the beginning I revered them. Now I'm among the artists' rank. I eat, I breathe, I write. Still, I continue to wrestle with art, with craft.