Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The story behind the design: book sweater by Leanne Dyck

Marriage counsellors say that most couples fight over money. I can't remember arguing over this topic. However, I can remember fighting over a book.

My taste in literature differs from my husband's. You may think that this difference was the source of our disagreement. You may think this but you'd be wrong.

One of the genres that my husband reads--and that I don't--is sci-fi. Interested in expanding my literary tastes, my husband loaned me a book. He takes very good care of his books--no folded corners, no crumbled book covers.

Flipping open the book, I began to read and, to my surprise, became absorbed. Hoping to indulge in stole moments of reading pleasure. I started carrying the book with me.

Weeks passed and I continued reading.

More weeks passed, until, finally, one day my husband inquired. "Are you finished reading my book?"

I produced the book. Being lugged around in my purse had permanently changed it. Pages were dog-eared and the cover was torn.

If looks could kill... "I loaned you a book and this is how you return it? I will never lend you a book again. Never. Unless you can prove to me that you will take better care of them."

No more sci-fi. No more fantasy. No more... I have to prove that I can change but...but...can I? I doubt it. Books will always end up in the bottom of my enormous purse. That won't change. But... but... No more sci-fi. No more fantasy. No more... What can I do?

I stewed over this dilemma for hours, days, weeks. I need...I need...to protect the book. May be I can... Yes, exactly... I grabbed my knitting needles, some yarn and cast on 45 stitches. I designed a book sweater. It proved to be the prefect solution. Now my books are protected. Now my books, like my husband's, look brand new. Now my husband doesn't hesitate to share his books with me.

Designing the book sweater not only saved countless books from abuse but also heralded further exploration in knitwear design.