Sunday, June 14, 2020

Blogging: What You Need to Know (article) by Leanne Dyck

Wow, you knocked my socks off in May. 16,000 page views. 16,000 page view in one month. Wow! Oh, said that before. But wow. Thank you for your support. 

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I've been blogging since 2005. I created this blog in 2010.

From my home on a rural island, this blog has helped me connect with those in the publishing industry--readers, authors, editors and publishers. 

I enjoy blogging and consider it to be part of my writing practice.

I hope you find this collection of articles helpful as you create, build and maintain your own blog. 

An Introduction to Blogging

Should Writers Blog?

The Benefits of Blogging

Secrets of Successful Blogging

Tips on Writing Blog Posts

How to Write Popular Posts

Do You Suffer from Blogger Fatigue? Here's the Cure...

Why You Shouldn't Change Your Blog Address


Social Networking Q and A

Marketing Tips For Authors

The Best On-line Marketing Strategy


Here's an excellent article from a blogging pro

How to Start Blogging:  A Definitive Guide for Authors 
by Jane Friedman

I haven't bought these books or course but I do follow these author blogs.

The Author Blog:  
Easy Blogging for Busy Authors
Anne R Allen

Rise of the Machines--
Human Authors in a Digital Age
Kristen Lamb

And Kristen Lamb's three-hour on demand course

Spilling the Tea
Blogging for Authors

Next Sunday... 

June 21st

book review:  Crow Winter by Karen McBride

I loved this book and next Sunday I look forward to telling you why.

I'm still here.

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from a neighbour's garden
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Sharing my author journey...

I wrote this poem as it happened--at 9 Am on Friday...

For six months, from January to June, I've been captive. The only place I've gone is to a park and up and down my street--occasionally stopping to visit my neighbours, while remembering physical distancing. And this captivity, I think it's having an effect on my brain...

A Winged-thing

A winged-thing banged against the window
I cupped my hand around its body
Carried it to the door
Opening my hand,
I watched it fly away