Sunday, June 7, 2020

Book Review: Reproduction by Ian Williams (2019 Scotiabank Giller Prize winner)

I found your latest book club read. Believe me, Reproduction is sure to generate lots of discussions.

Most notably for me, questions regarding the line between consent and sexual abuse.

In the late 70's...

A nineteen-year-old woman is grieving the recent death of her mother. A much older man comforts her. This comforting leads to sex. Did the man prey on the woman?

In the mid 90's...

A young woman takes the drug her boyfriend offered her. Is she responsible for what happens next?

Present day...

A young man makes sexually explicit art. Is he responsible for those who view it? Is he a 'sexual terrorist'?

Reproduction is a novel for our times.

Published in 2019
Published by Vintage Canada
a division of Penguin Random House Canada

Reading Reproduction won't teach you how to write a novel. Master storytellers can take chances those learning the craft cannot.

Dialogue needs action. Right? You need to take time to place your reader in time, in place. Right? 

Ian Williams threw out the writers' rule-book.

At times I found myself wondering where I was and who was speaking. But I cared so much about the family of characters that I had no choice but to keep reading. And besides this book just worked.

Ian Williams is a brave and creative author.

Next Sunday evening...

June 14th

Blogging:  What you need to know

How do you build a popular blog?

I built 'The Sweater Curse' blog in 2010. I renamed the blog 'Author Leanne Dyck's blog' a few years after that. It's not advisable to name your blog after your book. And it's definitely not advisable to re-name your blog. But I hung in there and this blog grew (450,000 page views). Next Sunday I'll share with you what I've learned.

I'm still here.

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Follow, follow me...

A project that I completed this spring was to sort through my 

journals--there were 54--keep the gold and toss the rest. Notice how I skipped past the number--54. The bulk of the collection was kept between the years between 2009 and 2019. The collection has been reduced to one binder--believe it or not. What I wish I'd done--and if you're a diarist/journalist you may wish to do this too--weed out your journals every year. It was hard slogging but now I'm done. Just wanted you to join me in my celebration.  

This summer I'll continue to dig my way out of my pile writing--kept in my filing cabinet and on my computer. I'm also planning to give this blog a good going over. Wish me luck.