Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Best On-line Marketing Strategy by Leanne Dyck

(Photo by Byron Dyck on Vancouver Island)
Encourage readers to open the door to your writing

I've had the opportunity to sharpen my marketing skills both as a self-published author and as an author published by a small press. Here's some of what I've learned from these experiences...

When marketing your newly released book, do you show or tell?

Tell:  Tweet:  Buy my book

Tweet:  My book is available for 99 cents this weekend

Tweet:  My book is free for a month

Tweet:  Have you bought my book yet?

Why tell your potential readers to buy your book when you can show them why they should?

Show:  Blog:  Tips on how to write a book

Blog:  Interviewing my muse regarding our latest manuscript

Blog:  Virtual book launch party

Blog:  Podcast--chapters of my released book

Well-written posts shared as you live your author journey will build a supportive community -- a community of friends who can help you build a successful career.

More marketing advice.... 
Kimberley Grabas advises you to ask...
Why did you write it?
Who did you write it for?
Read her article:  2 Must-Dos to Make Your Book Marketing Infinitely Easier

And you may want to read Kristen Lamb's helpful article Be a Peep NOT a Pain--How to Use Twitter Effectively

Also read this helpful article Five Social Media Marketing Tips for Authors

Next Monday:  And then, writing transitions

Sharing my author journey...

Saturday, January 23rd I attended the Robert Burns celebrations in the Ag. Hall on Mayne Island.
Who was Robert Burn's? 
Here's an informative article.

As I prepared for this evening, I wondered...
what if your words could live forever
what if people all over the world, year after year, celebrated not only your words but also your life
what if, even though your writing was hard for them to understand, they found beauty and profound meaning in your words
what if...

I heard about this amazing contest -- Conville and Walsh's Word of Mouth Prize --  last week, and ever since I've been working on a submission. 
For the ins and outs and ups and downs about this contest, please click this link
Update:  I sent my submission away yesterday. : ) Fingers crossed.