Thursday, August 15, 2013

Blogging Tips by Leanne Dyck

When you begin to blog don't think about how many people are reading your blog. Chances are it won't be many. And dwelling on this might discourage you. So, instead, think about building community. 

Visit other blogs and leave comments. Look around. What do you like? Make a note of it and plan to use it on your own blog. Did their article provoke you? Could you write an article in response? Do you like the photos and stories the blogger shares about their farm? Why not share stories about the city you call home?

Show appreciation for the readers--how ever few--that you do have. Write articles with them in mind. Inform them, entertain them, inspire them. 

Set goals such as writing daily to encourage yourself to take full advantage of your blog.

When beginning to blog, don't dwell on the negative; strive for the positive.