Sunday, February 23, 2020

The stories of my life (free short story collection) by Leanne Dyck

Since 2010, I've been sharing short stories inspired by my life. This is a list of those stories that received the most page views. That's right,  your page views built this list.

These short stories are about my family and my friends and the music I love and writing and knitting and... 

Click the title the link will take you to the story. Except for Afi--that story is in two parts. So please click on part one and part two to read Afi. (He was always a little challenging. 😀 )

I hope you enjoy reading them.

'face in the trees' photo by ldyck
My husband sees a bear
What do you see?


who taught me to knit? 


a neighbour told me that she wanted a new toque for her husband and I...


who introduced me to Bluegrass music


Remembering Them
I wrote a short story about my dad and my dad wrote a short story about his day and... I shared them both in this post.


The Words Behind the Writing
I write about what writing gives me



about the final days in my mom's life and her relationship with my dad


a childhood memory about crossing a highway to buy rainbow ice cream


My Writer's Desk
what's my writing day like? Well...


about sharing a short story about my afi (grandpa) with my amma (grandma)


From Mom (2 stories)
Before You and After Me

photo by ldyck

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March 1
short story
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What do you do when a dream dies?

March 8
book review
The Wife
Meg Wolitzer

A novel about being a successful author.

March 15
book review
My Canada Read choice

Canada Read March 16 - 19

March 22
guest post
Cozies and Me
by mystery author Benni Chisholm

What's a cozy? Benni will explain.

March 29
book review
Dual Citizens
Alix Ohlin

Does Lark's sister Robin inspire her or hamper her development?

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