Monday, July 2, 2012

Partying on this island

I'm sorry that I was a little late in posting to this blog but I've been partying for four days.
Thursday:  a free concert at the Agricultural Society Hall

Emcee Lou Keeting

Opening act:  The Jess Willows' Band

Main act:  Savage Rose and the Incredibles

Friday:  a fundraiser at the Agricultural Society Grounds
There was dunking

and there was saving

Funds will go to 'Mayne Islanders and their families who are having a critical health issue and could use some assistance' (quoted from the Mayne Liner--the community news magazine)

Saturday:  Karokee night at the Agricultural Society Hall
Funds went to the Mayne Island kid's soccer camp

Sunday:  Celebrating Canada Day at beautiful Diner Bay Park