Monday, July 9, 2012

Mayne Island Farmers' Market

Have I told you lately that I married into a talented family. Oh, yup. The men in the family are gifted musicians. And my mother-in-law is an artisan. One day, while visiting her, I sat transfixed as she fancied a delicate flower out of clay. Then, in front of my eyes, she rolled it back into clay. She explained that she was only showing me--and that she could easy make another one, when needed. Of this, I had no doubt.
She also makes stylish purses...

See I told you they were lovely. And not only that but they are also good news for the environment. Okay, so, allow me to explain... These stylish bags are made from recycled plastic bags. You know the bags that we will out live us by 50 years--lurking in our landfill sites. 

I have claimed over four purses. And I did try to justify my acquisition of more but sooner or later I knew it would have to stop. Inspired by the kind compliments I've received each and every time I carry one, I've decided to share her creations with others on Mayne Island. That's what I'll be doing every Saturday in July. I hope you'll drop by my booth at the Mayne Island Farmers' Market (on the Agricultural Society grounds).

Am I taking a summer break from knitting?
I recently designed and knit this...

A children's cardigan with those cool I-cord buttons I taught you how to make.

Oh, yes and I'll also be here...

8th Annual TCAC (Mayne Island Art Council) Group Show
Friday, July 13 5 - 9 p.m.
Mayne Island Library
New Art
Food & Beverages
Readings (I'll be reading a short story)
Prize Draw

The 24th Annual St. Mary Magdalene Church Fair
Saturday, July 14
10:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. 
at the church
(I'll be there after the Farmers' Market around 1 p.m.)

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