Sunday, June 20, 2021

Book Review: From the Ashes (memoir) by Jesse Thistle

From the Ashes

Jesse Thistle

Simon & Schuster Canada


I saw him on the street. He smiled and I smiled back.

"Thank you," he told me. "All I want is to be treated like a human being. Most people hurry past as fast as they can. They don't even want to acknowledge me."

I walked away thinking how did he end up on the street? What would he have to do to get off of them?

In his, at times brutally honest, memoir Jesse Thistle gives a voice to the homeless.

How did Jesse wind up on the street?

It was a combination of things--home life, school environment, but I think the answer could be boiled down to one conversation. Jesse is told, by a friend, '"You're just a dirty Indian."'and '"You'll probably die drinking like they all do."' (p. 86-87) Faced with this prejudice, the words vibrated in his skull and he was unable to shake them. 

What brings him home?

It was only when Jesse lost everything that he was able to start to rebuild himself. An important step in rebuilding himself was learning the truth about his ancestors. They were chiefs, political leaders and resistance fighters. People to look up to and admire.

What keeps him home and away from the streets?

Jesse writes of his wife Lucie:  'When I am lost at sea and drowning, her arms rescue me.' (p. 341)

From the Ashes is not an easy book to read. Some passages are downright depressing, but I strongly recommend this book. You'll learn about struggle, resilience, and triumph. 

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