Sunday, January 4, 2015

On this blog in 2015

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Dear Reader,

As my own writing career demands more and more of my attention, I'm finding less and less time for everything else. And thus I've been forced to make a difficult decision. Effective January 16, I will no longer publish guest posts. (My last guest will be Victoria Chatham.) 

This will be my new blog blurb...

Leanne Dyck invites readers and writers to join her on her "wild" author journey. She promises to keep you entertained, informed and inspired. One new post will be available every Monday. Leanne writes from Mayne Island, B.C., Canada.  Thank you for helping to nurture this blog by visiting, sharing the link and commenting. 

As we meet the promise of a new year, I hope I can continue to count on your support.

And please note, my decision to cancel Friday posts does in no way effect my goal of building community and supporting those in the publishing industry. I plan to continue to share my Internet finds -- publishing opportunities, informative articles and more. In fact, I hope to meet this goal more effectively by utilizing Google Plus and Twitter. 

Please follow me...

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Of course, the over 100 guest posts that I began publishing on this blog in 2010 will still be available for your reading pleasure on the guest post page

Thank you to the publishing industry professionals who have contributed to this blog. I've learned a lot from you. The most important lesson is that if you continue to strive to build a successful life in writing you will be successful. Believe in the power of your words.

I'm looking forward to spending 2015 with you.
Best wishes for a fun and successful new year,

Friday's Guest:  Reality Skimming Press

Next Monday's post:  No MFA? Submit to these literary magazines. 

Sharing my author journey...

I enjoyed reading Barbara O'Neal's plans for 2015:  Becoming a Better Writer in 2015

Influenced by this article...

My principles for 2015
-Do what fills me
-Contribute where my work and I are valued and respected
-Remember writing isn't a hobby. It is a business.

This year I will work on...
-Transitions (within scenes)
-Endings (helpful tip:  ask myself, have I answered the story question?)
-Finishing manuscripts 
I'm sure these lists will grow during the year. : )