Thursday, December 6, 2012

Marketing Achievements by Leanne Dyck

One of my duties as an author is to work in partnership with my book publisher to develop and implement a marketing plan. I have experience marketing my books and find it, on the whole, to be a fun and rewarding endeavour.

(These photos were taken while I was on Bowen Island)

As a self-published author, I...

-Planned and implemented a book launch that combined local musicians with author readings.
-Organized and conducted a book tour to Manitoba
-Sold directly to readers and booksellers
-Developed and delivered lectures and author readings
-Participated in radio, in print and on-line promotional activities
-Developed promotional material

As an author published through a small e-publishing house, I...

-Planned and implemented an on-line book launch
-Participated in a virtual blog tour
-Developed and ran a series of podcasts
-Created a blog 
-Sat on panels for the Crime Writers of Canada
-Helped sit a booth during Vancouver's Word on the Street
-Developed a book club reading guide
-Developed and delivered a lecture based on my book

I believe it is my responsibility to develop my marketing skills. To this end, in 2011 I attended a Writers Union of Canada seminar on How To Be Your Own Publicist. I continue to seek out opportunities to develop my marketing skills.

My experiences have taught me that the best way to build an author platform is through social media. When you use the search words 'Leanne Dyck' all first-page references pertain to me.

Contrarily, participating in live events is the most effective way to sell books. I sold the largest volume of books after giving an author reading. 

The most effective marketing plan includes both live and online activities.