Monday, December 31, 2012

Wishes for 2013

I'm blown away by how supportive you've been throughout 2012. You were there as I meet new authors and traveled to writing events. Together our needles clicked through skein after skein. You read my short stories and viewed the photos of my island home. 

I'm looking forward to continuing our friendship in 2013. 

Here are my wishes for the coming year...


That A Long Way From Her and The Sweater Curse:  a novel will find a home with a publishing house that will love them as much as I do.


When I started this blog, in October 2010, I wasn't sure. I didn't know who would read it. I didn't know what a great opportunity it would provide. 
Over these last two years you've taught me a bunch of things.(Like what works and what doesn't) And this blog has grown strong thanks to your gentle guidance. We now receive over 100 page views per day. Do you believe it? 100.
What are my plans for 2013? More of the same... Why fix it? It ain't broke...
-more free hand knitting patterns
-more scenes of Mayne Island and reporting about island events
-more on my author journey
-more visits with talented authors such as...

Joanne Wadsworth, Meg Wolfe, Theresa K. Anthony and Robert Hough in January.

Donna Shepherd, Johnny Ray, Andrew Demcak and Darlene Foster  in February. 


Crystal Favel aka Digital Storyteller

CBC radio described her as one of the 'Top five Aboriginal electronic acts to watch for in 2012' 

Oh, yes, we are going to have tons of fun in 2013. 
Next post:  Have a chuckle
I need to find a photo to accompany this post. I wonder if... Oh, yeah, of course...

Also on Thursday I'll be visiting Melodie Campbell's blog
I hope you can join me there.