Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Making writing easier by Leanne Dyck

Facing that blank page can be overwhelming. Filling it challenging. Here are two helpful sites.

Dilemma:  To set the scene, you must see the scene. A couple of days ago I faced this challenge--and came up dry. It'd simply been too long since I set foot in an grade two classroom.
Solution:  I typed 'grade two classroom' into
Google images 
Yield:  over ten pages of photos--gold for my muse.

Dilemma:  I'm dyslexic. So spelling has always been a challenge. Moreover, words such as 'advice' and 'advise' confuse me.
Solution:  I use Dictionary.com not only will this site supply the correct spelling but it will also read the word to you. This site also offers a thesurus as well as other tools. Check it out.

More helpful sites...
Kristen Lamb's blog:  Kristen is offering a blog series on novel structure. It was very helpful for me--hopefully it will be helpful for you.
Rock Your Writing:  Talks about ploting your novel and your scenes so that you can write faster. NaNo, anyone?

That's only four--I'm sure there's lots more. Please share your links in the comments.