Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Maynely A Mystery

Me:  I recently received a review of my cozy mystery.
You:  Hey, I didn't know you wrote a cozy mystery.
Me:  Oh, sorry. Would you like to learn more?
You: Of course!

Maynely A Mystery

(paperback published in June 2009)
The last words of her beloved Grandmother send Olivia Weatherington on a journey to Mayne Island, BC. There, Olivia follows clue after clue to solve a six decades old family mystery.

“My people, my nation has been coming here from the beginning of time. This is a magical island,” he smiled. “You were lost when you came here but now the island has found you. It will reveal many lessons to you:  why you’re here; who you are; where you came from. Don’t be afraid to learn. These lessons will leave you stronger.” Michael got up and strode away.

Peppered with subtle humour, surreal situations and entertaining characters.
Amber Harvey (Mayne Island Aliens)

In Maynely A Mystery, her first novel, Leanne Dyck takes her skill at writing emotionally charged stories from nonfiction into fiction. Her writing about knitting has given her the skills needed to spin a yarn in this new genre.
Donna Druchunas (Ethnic Knitting Exploration)

Rumours of gold, a secret lover, ghosts and other mysteries create a labyrinth of intrigue as Maynely A Mystery traces the lives of the story’s animated eccentric characters. Author Leanne Dyck knows her craft, her audience, and her setting. Her novel provides a voyeuristic glimpse into human character and island life.
Terrill Welch (Leading Raspberry Jam Visions:  Women’s Way)

Maynely a Mystery by author Leanne Dyck is an intriguing book about a mysterious island filled with interesting eccentric characters.  Mayne Island is an island located in the Gulf Islands between mainland British Columbia and Vancouver Island.  It is an island where time stands still, where hippies can lead their lives how they like and where people tend to find themselves in the silence.  The author lives there and is obviously devoted to her home as she has found herself there.
Young Olivia Weatherington will also find herself there.  She sets out on a journey with her grandmother's ashes and her cousin.  She ends up finding truth, contentment and she finds what was missing in her life for so many years.

Leanne Dyck has a unique way of weaving a mysterious tale. Very enjoyable, quick read. Kathryn Poulin, reviewer