Monday, October 3, 2011

It's easier than you think

Balking at change
Scared of something new
You're not alone
I'm with you

Case in pont, a couple of months ago I shared my disinterest (dislike, fear) of knitting on circular needles. In fact, I went so far as to develop a technique for knitting in the round on two straight needles.

Well, lately, I had a revelation.

You see, this year's hot accessory is the cowl.

You'll be seeing them everywhere.

I'm currently knitting for a winter craft show and thought,  I have to knit some cowls. If I knit them on two straight needles, I'll have to sew a seam. How will hide that seam?

This question led me to my revelation. I bought a circular needle.

Problem:  it coils
Solution:  Rubbing the needle between your hands will release some of the coil.

I cast on some stitches (Don't ask me how many. I just filled the needle. My best guess--over 80.) and discovered some advantages.

-In order to form a Stockinette stitch (knit, purl) all you have to do is garter stitch. Never ending, mindless garter stitch--my favour kind of knitting.
-In order to stop knitting, you don't have to wait to get to the end of the row. You just shove all the stitches to the centre of the needle.

I'm actually enjoying knitting on circular needles--who knew?
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