Monday, December 13, 2010

How-to form a knitting (writing) group by Leanne Dyck

My friends and fellow critique group members
Amber Harvey and Susan Snider 
in the Agricultural Society Hall on Mayne Island
during the Christmas Craft Fair

I am the co-rejuvenating partner of the Mayne Island writers' group. Starting that group was so easy.

I was at a house party and made a casual comment to a friend. I said, "I'd like to start a writers' group." Well, one thing led to another a few short weeks later the Mayne Island writers' group was formed.

I'm the founding member of the Knit Witts of Mayne Island. Starting that group was more challenging.


Well, I was new to the island and the knitting group was the first group I formed.

Taking the initiative to establish the group was a good experience for me, I learned a lot and would like to share some tips with you.

Group Dynamics

While planning the first meeting, consider what type of members you like to attract. If you wish to attract retirees schedule your meetings for the daytime. If you want the 9-5ers, schedule your meeting in the evening.


-The venue should reflect the tone of the group. If you want to party all night long, why not meet in a bar. If you're a little tamer, meet in a cafe, library, or yarn shop.
-Ensure that your location is easily accessible by public transportation.
-Consult with the owner of the venue before choosing it. Make sure that they are happy to have your group meet in their facility.
-At least initially, I would advise meeting in a public location.


I posted a note in my local newspaper. You may also wish to make posters and distribute handbills.