Friday, December 10, 2010

Within a Curse by Terrill Welch

Terrill Welch and I are members of the Mayne Island writer's group. She was one of the first people to read The Sweater Curse. Her skilled eye and thoughtful words helped me shape my thriller. I am grateful for her constant support.

Note: The photo and photography featured in this post were created by Terrill Welch.

Terrill writes: Leanne Dyck's soon-to-be-published thriller The Sweater Curse twists and turns as it knits a fine yarn for an artist's creativity. Her new work has me asking a few questions. What is an artist's community? How do we know if we are part of one? What is a curse? What might be a blessing within a curse? Where do we find our choice, our point of action be it a curse or a blessing?

I was blessed and cursed with a large amount of creative energy. This has influenced my life in all its aspects but particularly as an artist and photographer. Both these creative endeavours are often solitary. Yet, inspiration comes from community and from discussion with peers. This is what I call my artists community. Sometimes it has been a physical community. These days it is most often an online virtual community of facebook, twitter and blogging colleagues. These are the neighborhoods where my work is first introduced to the public. These are places where my work is supported, gently critiqued and lovely admired.

I know I am part of an artists community because other creative beings come by, visit and engage in meaningful conversations about creativity. I know I am part of an artists community when I am shown the work of other artists and asked for my thoughts. These are rich places for me. Places I grow and thrive.

To be cursed with an artists vision is to know that much remain unresolved, unfinished and in need of expression. The desire to express, to create is a must. The blessings come when we can create in a manner that fulfills that desire. A painting where I can capture the inner spirit of the scene or a photographer where I find something new in the ordinary. These are blessings because for a short while I am at peace. At least unitl the next moment presents itself for expression.

Too often a blessing or a curse feels like something we have no control over, something that happens to us rather than because of us. The Sweater Curse takes this situation to the very edge, where we lose our sense of personal power and ability to decide our behaviour. I won't tell you anymore. A thriller is too easy to spoil in the telling. As an artist I must create and express my feelings, ideas and thoughts--to not would be to be only half living. The action and choice on how I create is my point of personal power and insight. May you create with the abundance of your full creative power and be blessed with an artist community of your own.

Leanne, thank you for inviting me into your creative community. I am honoured. May your readers be inspired to buy your soon-to-be published thriller The Sweater Curse.