Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Knitting for Charities by Leanne Dyck

When selecting knitting charities, don't forget to look in your own backyard. Ask yourself (and others), what groups or individuals would benefit from my stitches?

Others to ask:
your friends, coworkers, family members
public health nurses
your local governmental officials
Ask those working at:
local hospitals, doctor offices
local nursing homes, daycare centres
police stations, victim assistance programs
places of worship, food distribution centres

It has been my experience that once word spreads that you are knitting for charities inexpensive or free yarn becomes easily accessible.
If you are having trouble locating yarn, recruit your local yarn shop, thrift shop or post an advertisement in your local paper.

When selecting yarn for charity knitting, it is important to bear in mind durability and ease of care.

This year I was able to find two groups who were looking for knitted items. I gave toques and wristers to a group that was distributing knitting to the homeless. I gave baby hats, sweaters, baby blankets, finger puppets as well as a large bag of yarn to a group who was knitting for a children's hospital. Next year I hope to continue this tradition. It's fun and it makes me feel so good.