Sunday, December 5, 2021

Book Review: The Thursday Murder Club (cozy mystery) by Richard Osman, published by Penguin Books

 What's a cozy mystery?

Benni Chisholm addresses this question in her brief article.

I was charmed by this mystery that celebrates the ability of seniors.

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United States

Published by Penguin Books

Published in 2020

361 pages

In the fictitious town of Fairhaven, Kent, England, there is a retirement village--Coopers Chase--where senior citizens whittle away their days strolling through the gardens, sharing baking, drinking wine, and attending club meetings.

Every Thursday, Elizabeth, Ibrahim, Ron, and Joyce meet to discuss murder--old cases and new. This group of friends is analytical, experienced, capable, and quick--they even outperform the police, they even share their leads with the police.

'"however good the police are, you lot are better."' (p. 217)

They solve case after case, and they find forbidden love, brotherly love, eternal love--and they unearth secrets. Oh, so many secrets.

'"Remember when you moved here, and I told you it was a mistake? I told you it would be the end of you? Sitting in you chair, surrounded by other people just waiting out their days? I was wrong... Your eyes are alive, your laugh is back, and it's thanks to Coopers Chase."' (p. 348)

And the best news yet...

The next book in this series has been published

The Man Who Died Twice

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Sharing my author journey... 

While bored out on a walk, my dog and I play a game of seek-the-treat. I toss the treat ahead

of us and she has to find it. She's good at the game so I try to toss it into tall grass or something to make it find the treat challenging for her. Often she starts searching a mile or two away (an exaggeration) from where the treat could be. And that, my friends, is how I'm researching my current manuscript. I'm digging up things that are miles away from anything I would ever include in the manuscript. But how... How will I know where the borders are unless I cross them?