Sunday, November 3, 2019

Writing About Books (list of quotes) collected by Leanne Dyck

I started reviewing books for this blog in 2012. Recently, I re-read my notes. To celebrate this blog's ninth anniversary, I compiled this list of quotes.

So all together now, let's sing the praises of reading--types the dyslexic. 

photo by ldyck

Writing about Books

'[B]ooks are the nation's most precious possession.' 
Independent PeopleHalldor Laxness

'[W]hen you handle books all day long every new one is a friend and a temptation.'
The HistorianElizabeth Kostova

'A book lives in every person who reads it.' 
SweepJonathan Auxier

'[S]he would not be without guidance, she would not be without love, without faith; she had a good book with her.' 
Cider House RulesJohn Irving

'[H]e had made Nan read it a second time. That is the sign that you really love a book.'
SweepJonathan Auxier

'He had found her reading a book, which was a peculiar occupation for a woman who was not a nun.' 
The Pillar of the EarthKen Follett

'[P]ublishing a book is like scattering ashes from an urn.'
SweepJonathan Auxier

'She chirps the last bit as if that were all to say about a book:  It's good or it's bad. I like it or I didn't. No discussion of the writing, the themes, the nuances, the structure. Just good or bad. Like a hot dog.' 
Gone GirlGillian Flynn


This morning I took my dog for a walk and inspiration struck. I hope you enjoy the result.

A Poem for November

November did try,
she filled her skies with blue
and let the sun shine

Still people shared poems
about how dull she is

But July told November,
"People need moody days too."

Next Sunday evening...

Book review:  Akin by Emma Donoghue

Maybe I could summarize this novel like this...

"What did you do during the war, Mom?"
"What did you do to end poverty, Son?"

Please click the link to read my review next week.