Sunday, March 19, 2017

book review: Note to Self by Laurie Buchanan

Have you ever felt a little off and wished you could talk to someone wise? I know, who hasn't--right?

Note to Self not only helps you puzzle through what may be wrong but also gives you solutions on what to do about it -- including visiting your doctor. The large solutions require lifestyle changes. The small ones include incorporating certain colours into your environment. 

(Only suggestion for improvement:  colour photos of the colours suggestions)

This book demands to be read slowly. You need time to digest it. I received Note to Self in November, as a birthday gift. I tore open the wrapping and cracked open the book and am still reading it--and I plan to never stop. It's a book that can address different aspects of your life--or different selves--as the need arises. 
Note to Self is divided into seven selves:  Self-Preservation, Self-Gratificaiton, Self-Definition, Self-Acceptance, Self-Expression, Self-Reflection, and Self-Knowledge. As Sheila Glazov wrote in the foreword:  'The whole essence of Laurie Buchanan's book is timely and timeless....This book helps readers understand how they can easily unpack the emotional baggage they persistently pack and cautiously carry on their journey through life.'

Note to Self by Laurie Buchanan is a must-read -- as good for you as kale, but reads like chocolate -- smooth, rich, and fun. It's sure to leave a good taste in your mouth. 

("Spring in Paris on Mayne Island, photo by LDyck)

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