Sunday, March 26, 2017

Caterpillar (short story) by Leanne Dyck

Do you find change or transitions difficult? I do--and to help me try to overcome, I wrote this short story...

(photo by LDyck)

One fine day in early spring an ant met a caterpillar. 

"When are you planning to spin your cocoon?" The ant asked.

"I'm not," the caterpillar told him.

The ant just stared at him. "Pardon me?"

The caterpillar spoke louder. "I'm not!"

"I heard you. I just don't understand. Why would you continue crawling in the dirt when you can fly up there in the beautiful blue sky, among the fluffy white clouds?"

"I like it down here in the cool black soil," the caterpillar said.

A bird perched on a branch overhead flew down to the caterpillar. "Ever since I broke out of my egg there's nothing I'd rather do than fly. Caterpillar, you have a right to be apprehensive. Change is scary, but don't let that fear limit you. Listen to your friend, the ant. Embrace your destiny," she sweetly sung to him. "Close your eyes."

The caterpillar closed them.

"Imagine the sun shining on your beautiful wings. Imagine the wind carrying you. All that can be yours if you only believe in yourself--in your potential."

The caterpillar felt the sun on his face, the wind on his wings. He spun his cocoon; he rested; his wings grew and then he flew.