Monday, December 23, 2013

Bare knitting needles by Leanne Dyck

What's on my needles?

Nothing. They are bare. No freshly cast on stitches. No nearing completion project. No... Nothing...

A few months ago I was experiencing sharp pain in my wrists--increasing after I knit. I went to see the doctor. She directed me to a clinic where my condition was assessed. This involved an electric current being placed on my carpal tunnel. It felt like being tasered--I think, I've never been tasered. The clinic directed me to a hand therapist. This conversation ended with the therapist saying, "Stopping knitting--at least for now--may have been the wisest thing you've done."

Knitting in moderation is okay for most. Knitting in excess--like every waking minute--is not okay.

"Do you miss it?" Many have asked.

I don't miss the pain but I do miss...
-the creative release
-the sensuality
-the meditation
-the new garment

But change comes to all and it has come to me. I'm no longer a knitter--at least for now.
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