Monday, June 6, 2011

Knitting Spring Garden

Late again today. I was busy working on my WIP.
Thanks to my meeting last weekend with a literary agent, I now know that Turning is a YA. One of the things I worked on this morning was a new blurb for this work.

Lyndi Wimpel is bored she wants a boyfriend, an adventure, a life.
Flipping through a magazine she spies an ad for a youth group. She wants to join.
What stands in her way?
Lyndi's mother, fearful for Lyndi's safety, wants her to stay close to home.
Lyndi has her own doubts. She feels that dyslexia has rendered her stupid and socially inept.
What will Lyndi do?

This week promises to be interesting.
Wednesday and Thursday I will be on Salt Spring Island delivering my inventory to ArtCraft.
Saturday I will be sitting a booth at Mayne Island's farmer's market.
This morning I reached a word count of 49, 958 words on Turning.

Today, let's talk a little more about knitting Spring Garden
Access knitting instructions here

One thing you need to determine is your size.
This top is designed to have a ease of about two inches. This simply means that if you have a breast size of 46" than you should use the instructions listed for size 48".
Once you have identified your size. Use a highlighter to mark all the information that pretains to your size.
Happy knitting,

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