Monday, June 13, 2011

Knitting: the long and short of altering the sweater

Spring Garden is worked from the bottom up so adjusting the length is very easy. For a longer sweater body, simply keep knitting. For a shorter sweater body, simply stop knitting sooner. The Standards & Guidelines for Crochet and Knitting (compiled by Craft Yarn Council of America) lists hip length as 6" (15 cm) down form waist. Tunic length 11" (28 cm) down from waist.
Sleeves too can be altered. Cap sleeves work for 2". Short sleeves work for 4". T-shirt sleeves 8". Long sleeves 18".
Would you like a deeper neck line? Currently the neck line is 3 inches deep. 5 inches makes a nice deep neck line. In order to deepen the neck line you need to start shaping the neck sooner. You need to calculate when to start the neck. For example, say I want to work a sweater that will be 20 inches long.
20 - 5 = 15 inches
Now I know that I will need to start shaping the neck after working the sweater for 15 inches.
"Deeper, deeper, deeper," You chant.
Sure, why not.
20 - 8 = 12 inches
Contrarily, if you want a more swallow neck line.
20 - 2 = 18 inches
To summarize, simply subtract the neck line from the sweater body length--this will give you the number of inches you will need to work before starting to shape the neck line.
This pattern is found here
What other fun can we have with this sweater? Find out next Monday.
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