Thursday, March 24, 2011

Free pattern: spring coil scarf

You got to know that if I'm ever offered yarn, I seldom if ever refuse it.
Case in point, two years (a guesstimate) a box of novelty yarn appeared on my doorstep.

The balls varied in size and colour. However, all were less than 200 yards.
What am I going to make with this?
I grabbed circular needles (4.50 mm/US 7/ UK 7) 32 inches long--from needle tip to needle tip.
Tension: 5 stitches = one inch

I cast on 80 stitches and I worked in garter stitch for approximately four inches.

What would you have made?
Work in progress: Turning ( a young adult adventure)
Word count: 37, 098 words
A new sentence added: They clung to her curve and accented her china doll colouring.