Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Sweater Curse reviewed by Deborah Warner

Title: The Sweater Curse
Author: Leanne Dyck
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre: Thriller
Length: Short Story/ 87 pages
Rating: 4.5 stars
Review by Deborah Warner


Alone, waiting, held captive in a grey area of betwixt and between, Gwen Bjarnson purpose is unknown. For her to understand the end she must revisit her past, leading her on a path of rediscovery.

She has moxie, she has style, and men find her charms hard to resist. She knows how to play the role of seducer. Gwen is a product of her environment, the skeptical nonbeliever of all things good. Taught at an early age that the true measure of a person is based on wisdom and not beauty, Gwen rebels against values placed on her with a hardening of the heart and non-compliance, forever disconnecting herself from the institution called family.

An undeniable pessimist consumed with thoughts of opulence and grandeur. Gwen focuses those aspirations in her ability to create unique pieces of art, manipulating yarn in any form that she desires into an attention grabbing garment. All of this could not be accomplished if it wasn't for the help of her lover, confidant, ego booster and muse, Jay Cardew. He's the guy you want around if you want a tender push into fame.

Gwen and Jay are a mix match sorrowful couple wanting their heart desires, they are two deserving characters. This is a story told from Gwen's perspective, given insight into her despair. Unusual appearance of secondary characters make for a mixture of comical, complex and sometimes sullen story.

There's a mysterious presence looming throughout this story that Author Leanne Dyck manages to engulf the reader in. I found myself totally engrossed in Gwen's world as she wonder on her life's journey determined to break free of the circumstance that has captured her, lingering her in a perpetual state of torment.

If ever there's someone to cheer for then Gwen is the one. Take a seat as you become consumed in her quest for redemption, searching for unconditional love of the one who will become her path to salvation. Go out and pick this one up, you'll find yourself immersed as well. I recommend The Sweater Curse for all who's looking for life to give them a break.